Pre- Frankfurt rush

Perth, 31st March 2010

Less than 2 weeks before the World Light Fair in Frankfurt (11-16th April) and for those who are regular visitors there is always this “pre Frankfurt rush” in preparing to go there. Not only making sure you can be away from the office, arranging your accomodation, but also your meetings and discussions, to maximise your time amongst the biggest gathering of lighting specialists in the world. It is one of those occasions where all people, from lighting designers to lighting manufacturers converge together to share the latest in lighting.

I have been coming to the Light Fair since the early 80’s, at that time still in Hanover. Who cannot remember the rowdy gatherings at the Munchener Halle after an intensive day at the Fair! A bit of nostalgia there….

My meetings have nearly all been arranged and I look forward to discuss my lighting needs with the various manufacturers. The meetings are a mix of project requirements and general discussions about the latest technological developments in lighting…we need to know what’s cooking in the kitchen, don’t we, so we can better advise our clients… Then of course there is the overall “tour” amongst the lighting stands to look for the newest lighting products.  Here we are often directed by the people we meet who guide us to stands where they have seen something special, because the Light Fair is also a social event were we meet our colleagues and friends in the business. There is an ample choice of “after-events”. Two key events should be highlighted; the Luminale event with buildings throughout Frankfurt lit specially in conjunction with the fair and the PLDA Celebration of Light night on the 13th April.

For those who have been regular readers and supporters of my blog and will be in Frankfurt, I look forward to meet you at the fair . I will drop by at the PLDA stand regularly during my stay and for those who wish to contact or meet me, you can leave me a message there.

31. March 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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