Lighting at the dentist

Singapore, 12th March 2010

Now for something completely different… as a famous person once said 🙂

Today I went to dentist (guess we all have to go there once in a while…don’t worry will not bother you with the details) and would you believe they stuffed LED lighting in my mouth! To be exact 480 nm of blue light LED! No I did not get an LED implant, but one of my fillings had to be replaced and in order for the filling material to harden and set they use blue light LED of the same wavelength as the material they use nowadays for the fillings. Even at the dentist you can’t escape LED anymore… help!

Of course when you lie down you have plenty of time to observe the room around you while instruments are buzzing in your mouth. Besides the LCD screen in front of me that was trying to distract my mind by showing beautiful travel programs, there was the highly focused, non-glaring specialist spot light shining straight into my mouth. That is still good old halogen technology…but for how long still? You kind of expect the dentist to have a LED miners head light on…

The general lighting is still done with near historic fluorescent ceiling lights, its opaque louvers and cheap looking tubes quite a contrast to the highly sophisticated dentist equipment! There would be a great scope for developing a more “dentist” friendly general lighting, somewhere indirect, possibly with dynamic shades of colors to match the ambiance of the travel program you are watching. At least if you watch the Greek Island of Santorini have some matching sky color lighting on the ceiling! 🙂

12. March 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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