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Australia, 1st March 2010

Officially, today is the start of Autumn in Australia. While the West coast (Perth) celebrated that with the hottest day in years, the East coast (Sydney) had its coldest day in years. But overall Australia had its hottest summer in years…a sign of global warming?

Today’s subject is a bit “light hearted”. Light has become such an integral part of our life that even in our daily language we use light and lighting as ways to express ourselves. We use the term “illuminating” to indicate that we learned something or “brilliant” to express something that “outshines” the rest, and then there is “light at the end of the tunnel” to indicate that the worst is over and things are getting better! In general light is synonymous with something positive and uplifting. Having “bright ideas” or a “bright future” are typical examples of positive metaphors. Reversely the lack of light, like “being in the dark”, expresses negative moods or situations.

Light” talk also comes in colors, such as “seeing red” or being “green with envy” or talk until you are “blue in the face”…yes, the full RGB spectrum… 🙂 Even speed is captured by lighting by being “lightning quick”. Light of course has a big religious meaning. How many people have not “seen the light”?

So “let there be light” in your lives!

01. March 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hi Martin,

    Just scrolled through your blog today, …for the first time (shame),… and was very impressed. Good work ! …illuminating and brilliant… I was especially surprised and interested by the subject
    ‘light and health’, which made my thoughts wander to other interesting subjects not(yet)on your blog:
    -about the relation between day-light and winter depression
    -or artificial light(UVB therapy)used in the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis
    -and the usefulness of a daily walk of 10 minutes in the sun (with only hands and face exposed), enough to synthesis your body’s need of vitamine D.
    Just a first thought.
    Congratulation with your blog, see you soon in Perth , cheers Veronique

  2. Hi Vero
    Thanks for your comments :). Lighting and health is becoming a bigger and bigger thing everyday. As “architectural” lighting designers we tend to focus mostly on lighting our environment rather than lighting for people in that environment. This is now being recognised by lighting designers world wide. But because little of the main stream clients understand or value this (in terms of paying for or investing in it) we have a lot of education to do.

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