A happy contractor

Perth, 30th March 2010

The success of our lighting designs is generally measured by the level of satisfaction from our clients. We look at the end result and assess how well the lighting is doing justice to our original design concept.  We generally don’t care too much about the contractors who had to install the lighting. Whether he had a hard time installing the lighting isn’t really our problem, is it? We can actually be quite tough on them as contractors are notorious for complaining anyhow…

So it was a nice surprise today to hear the feedback from a very happy contractor on one of our sports projects here in Australia. The contractor called in very happy as instead of the 6 days he had scheduled to install the 6 poles he had managed t install all in one day! Likewise the pre-aiming of the lights took a fraction of the time he had been used to in other installations. Maybe it tells something about the quality standards he was used to, but my point is that we made him a happy man through our considerate specifications of the lighting equipment.

So my thought for the day is really about thinking further than just making the client happy with the end result. Considering the ease of installation, the ease of maintenance is as important as the end visual result. In fact if installation and maintenance are not a considered thought the project should not really be classified as successful.  

A happy contractor is also likely to be more accommodating and committed in getting the end result right then one who is made to suffer during installation.

30. March 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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