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Perth, 25th February 2010

Today I wrote in a view words my comments on the award winning designs from interior designers that have submitted projects for the International Ring Awards organized by the ICIAD (the International Council of Interior Architect Designers). I am one of the international judges, but the only lighting designer amongst architects and interior designers that form the judging panel. One of the reasons being that they also wanted someone with an experienced eye on the energy  friendliness, “green” use of lighting technologies as part of the overall concepts, etc. The awards ceremony will be held in Hong Kong later next month.

While I could only judge the entries form photographs and occasional video clips (it took me a while to work through that lot I can tell you!) it was a very interesting experience. I don’t get to judge other peoples work often other then just as an observer when looking around at other peoples work in the public arena.

I obviously only look at it from my own lighting design experience which very much revolves about the visual impressions and experience I get from being in that space or looking at the objects I have to judge. Hence innovative use of space or materials has a far lesser impact on me unless it combines really well with innovative and clever use of lighting for maximum visual impact. As a result I found myself appreciating the designs totally different then my fellow judges…interesting, isn’t it? I assume my invitation to be a judge on the panel was based exactly on my different angle of appreciation.

It just shows that we look at things in a pre-conditioned way, through lenses that have been formed and colored over the years by the accumulation of our daily experiences in life!

25. February 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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