Colors of life

Perth, 15th February 2010

Color is an integral part of our life. We know the colors of the rainbow as a natural progression; we know how (white) light breaks into the same rainbow colors through a crystal prism or through water. When the sun sets we go through the same array of colors again, though amber and deep blue are the dominant colors than. At mid-day we have this crisp cool white light.

But with all this multi-colored RGB stuff happening in artificial lighting I am taking some time out to actually make sense out of the use of colors in one of my projects. When I look around colors ( I am talking about colored artificial lighting) seem to be applied randomly, in chases or color mixes, most of the time without any obvious thoughts or reasoning in the color application. Just push the hit-and-run button!  

It is very interesting to know how colors directly relate to our human body for instance! While some people may be skeptical about chakra’s and how the energy centers relate to color, like green for the heart (representing love and emotion) or blue for the throat (representing communication) it has been proven beyond doubt that a relation exists. Color therapy for the human body is now fairly commonly available. Some hotels are even starting to integrate the color healing and color therapy as part of their hotel concepts. I remember doing a color healing installation for one of my private clients some years back. The main aim was to be able to turn the room into specific colors depending on the areas of the body that needed treatment.

Even though considered “new age” by many, the inclusion of color, light and health as one of the major topics at the recent PLDC in Berlin shows it has moved on into the reality of our daily life!

PS: It is a further small step to relate colors directly to Feng Shui, but that will be a subject for another blog  🙂.

15. February 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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