A lighting novelty

Singapore, 10th February 2010

Today I came across a really interesting article in the newspaper reporting about a novelty in lighting. At least it is a novelty to me. I originally planned to write about something else, but I found this more newsworthy and interesting. The newspaper reported about the recent opening of the new Orchard Ion shopping Mall in Singapore, and specifically how some retailers were resorting to new approaches to boost sales.

What caught my eye was a specific report about German lingerie brand Triumph that had installed multiple lighting scenes in its latest outlet change rooms. The lighting scenes have options that allow you to simulate lighting effects such as for the bedroom, office or gym. In that way it gives its clients a unique way of seeing how the different fabrics and colours work under different lighting conditions. The report states that the new lighting has had impressive results on the sales and quotes a woman saying she spend double the amount she usually does triggered by the lighting! It is well known that good and dedicated lighting in retail improves sales dramatically, so it is not surprising, really, but a novel and clever way certainly!

 In my early days in Philips I was part of a lighting application group developing better lighting for retail and from projects implemented as part of the studies we found that by applying light to focus on displays and promotions, introducing localized lighting, etc, the sales could be improved with as much as 25%! Using lighting to attract shoppers inside (bright in the back) and usher people out of the shop at closing time (reducing light in the back and increase brightness at the exit doors) is another clever way in using lighting as a tool to guide shoppers in big retail surfaces.  

A simple calculation will tell you that the additional sales will recover the lighting investment very quickly!

10. February 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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