World Expo Shanghai

Shanghai, 18th January 2010

China president Hu Jintao himself came to visit the site the last few days to make sure the World Expo is on track. The Expo is due to open to the public in Shanghai later (in May) this year. Like the Beijing Olympics, China wants to show the world what it is capable of and under the theme banner “Better City, Better Life” has embarked on what is to become the biggest and the best Expo ever. I have seen the site grow over the last two years from clearing the land to the various country pavilions that are now arising out of the ground. The China pavilion will remain as a landmark building after the expo just as the Paris Eifel Tower did after the Paris world expo sometime last century.

At night we can already see lighting tests going on and one can easily imagine how much LED and multi -media effects will be featured. The Expo will actually feature an area dedicated to best practice in lighting! As can be expected the Expo will feature the most innovative (lighting) technologies and will be as green as green can be.

While many national pavilions have their own national teams working on it, the overall infra-structure is proudly developed by local Chinese enterprises. I have been to site and must say it is looking quite impressive. While we are not directly involved in the Expo itself we have many projects that are developed in conjunction with the aim to be ready by the time the Expo opens its doors and an influx of visitors is expected on the Shanghai shores, hotels and commercial developments predominantly.

No doubt I will be reporting back later this year on the lighting when I will visit the Expo site and its multitude of innovative and futuristic country pavilions!

18. January 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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