Australia, 10th January 2010

Today is Sunday and I am relaxing reading Andre Agassi’s autobiography called “Open”. I like reading these kinds of books as I take inspiration from people who have achieved in this world. The book was given to me as a Xmas present and I must say that I am really enjoying it. As a former tennis player (I played competition tennis in my early days) I can even more appreciate what he went through.

What inspired me for today’s blog entry is where Agassi’s new coach (Brad Gilbert) tells him that he should stop trying to be perfect. You can’t always be perfect and when you do fail you feel even more miserable. So it is about consistency and winning. It is the end result that counts, not being perfect.  

We can draw the parallel with design in general and lighting design in particular. We all want to be perfect, but striving to be perfect may end up in big disappointments. So we need to compromise, we need to find the design that works, that will provide a satisfying end result.

Like in tennis not every shot needs to be perfect, but your game needs to be winning. In our lighting designs not every lighting point will be perfect, but the overall end result should be winning your client over.

10. January 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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