Feel the vibe

Perth, 5th January 2010

You may wonder where I am going with this one today and how it is related to lighting..? Let me give it a try :).

This thought was triggered by the sight of so many people walking around with their Ipod on their heads. As I am doing my “daily-dose-of-daylight” walk, I often greet people but they seem so absorbed in their “Ipod world” that I wonder whether they actually notice the world around them.  Most of the time they just rush past me! Don’t get me wrong I have my “Ipod” too, but seldom use it when outside. I do love my music (and Ipod) when focusing on my design work as that is the time when I want to shut out the rest of the world.

To me being outside besides getting my dose of daylight, is also about using my senses, smelling the air, hearing the noises (which can be anything from traffic to birds!), touching the earth, seeing the colors and life around me unfold, in short, “feeling the vibe”.  The “vibes” are different everywhere, whether coming from the countryside of Australia or the busy street life of Shanghai. But all of them stimulate my senses in one way or another.

As a designer I feel the need to constantly recharge my senses with new experiences to stay at the top of my lighting design game.  Somehow the “Ipod” does not do that for me…

05. January 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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