Balloon man

Singapore, 13th January 2010

Last night I attended the wedding of one my close friends in Singapore. We have known each other since my arrival in Singapore nearly twenty years ago and it was great to see him and his beautiful wife finally tie the knot after all these years! In business he is known as the “balloon man”. Not the one you see at fairy grounds though. He has built a unique business with illuminated balloons, all sizes, all shapes, for all different applications. The gardens at his own wedding party were of course beautifully illuminated with his balloons. So how can I not blog about it.

It is really a totally different side of lighting. Modern lighting technology is hidden inside a translucent balloon with diameters varying in sizes from small to several meters. The advantage of this technology is that it can illuminate a large area from a single point in a very comfortable and diffuse way. The balloon can easily be installed and when folded back fits in a golf bag. Hence it has been a great success for lighting up work sites, emergency rescue operations but also special events (his balloons were floating the stadium at the Sydney Olympic opening ceremony) and other festive or seasonal activities. Those who have been at the recent Singapore F1 Grand Prix’s will have seen all his balloons lighting up the vast public areas. By adding a jacket with graphics or colours it also can easily be converted into signage, advertising or just decorative markers. It is a very energy efficient and economical, but certainly innovative way to light up larger areas.

We are currently investigating the balloon option for the lighting of a golf course rather than using standard poles with floodlights. It is nice to have alternative ways of lighting outside our regular box of lighting tricks.

13. January 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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