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Singapore, 2nd December 2009

Aren’t we not all at times in awe of beautiful creations? …As part of our lighting design activities I make it a point to be involved in the creation of customised items such as decorative chandeliers or illuminated artworks. I believe our knowledge and understanding of their contribution in terms of lighting to the overall appreciation of a space is crucial.

Today I met with one of the leading manufacturers of modern decorative fixtures for one of our hotel projects.  These fixtures are often beyond imagination. I admire the creative team that is able to create something out of just a few conceptual images. Their knowledge of materials, structural possibilities and interaction with light is amazing at times. The conceptual design intent generally flows out of the interior concept and, or our lighting designers vision for the space. But the actual realisation into a physical and workable design comes from these amazing artists. I am obviously not talking about your standard candalabre chandeliers, but of artwork turned into an illuminated masterpiece. My role as a lighting designer is to assure the lighting effect is achieved and make sure operational aspects such as energy consumption and lamp maintenance are being properly addressed.  

These illuminated artworks then become the signature identity of the space (often the main lobby, ballroom or restuarants). The measure of success and originality is when you look at them and say: “Wow…how did they do that!

02. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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