Take your time…the power of visual art

Sydney, 27th December 2009

Lighting design is often described as painting with light. There are many artists who have used light as a medium to create beautiful art pieces. Today I went to see a very inspirational exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. The exhibition is called “Take your time” and showcases visual art put together by Olafur Eliasson’. The Iceland native conceived several installations using light, shadow, transparency, interception and reflection.  The visual journey starts with a room of monochromatic light where your eyes have to adjust to the intensity of the yellow light. You then become aware of the purple or even black after image as you move your eyes around in the room. It is quite intense on your senses. Then as a sharp contrast the next (circular) space encloses you 360 degrees with a soft glow of light moving through the full colour spectrum. In yet another space he beams white light on a softly rotating dicroic glass filter, creating a yellow projection on the opposite wall from the light shining through the filter and a complementary bluish reflection in the rest of the room.  Very Intriguing. There are also a number of kaleidoscopic effects with simple uses of mirrors and other spatial effects. One whole wall is covered with live reindeer moss that will gradually change colour and appearance over the duration of the exposition!  

By far the most “sensational” installation is where he projects a beam of light on a moving spray of water which produces an ever changing breaking of light in the colours of the rainbow as a result. You can keep looking at this…

A very inspirational exhibition indeed. You can find out more on either www.mca.com.au or www.eliasson.com.au. If you have the opportunity I certainly recommend the visit.  It is sure to inspire you in your next lighting project in some form or way.

27. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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