Sydney, 21st December 2009

What is it that makes sunsets so fascinating and romantic? Why are we always so in awe and stop doing what we are doing to watch a sunset? A “beautiful” sunset can go through the full spectrum of light colours and if you watch carefully you can see the red light of the sun all the way to the dark blue of the night.  It is sort of magic to see the sun gradually become all red before disappearing behind the horizon. Sometimes you can see a short green after image if you have focused on the sun intensely just before its disappearance. Then the sky can go through a color palette from deep orange to purple blues! Magical… I think it is the power of nature that makes us watch in awe. We wonder how it all is possible. How do these colours come about? There is of course a scientific way to explain how light breaks through the atmosphere depending its angle of incidence, but in general we just look and enjoy as it feels good and it appeases our senses.

These colours should be the inspiration for some of our lighting projects. Not the senseless chase and mix of colours that we sometime see “created” by LED colour changing installations. That is a computer figuring out what colours to project, probably random. But I believe more in the “natural” touch, using natural schemes that we come across in nature and that feel good to us. Next time you are working on a colour scheme try and see how nature can inspire you.

21. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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