SPAre me!

China, 14th December 2009

Another project, another spa. I know it is the trend, but is it not being carried a bit too far? I notice that practically every single project we do has some form of “spa” integrated in the overall concept. Spa here just being a generic word for all things holistic and relaxing from simple massage to every imaginable body treatment. Let’s see.  Hotel and resorts…bingo, spa! Commercial shopping malls and retail developments…bingo, spa! Airports and terminal buildings…bingo, spa! Residential and serviced apartments…bingo, spa! The list goes on….

If that is not enough the latest spa invention is called “medi-spa”. We are involved in one such project right now. Crudely said a medi-spa is a marriage between plastic surgery with traditional spa treatments. In this case predominantly corrective laser surgery if I understand the concept correctly. There are “real” doctors involved! But dont worry, relax…you are in a holistic environment, not a hospital!

Obviously the ones we get involved with as lighting designers want to out-do the competition by being even more “unique” then what was done before.  From grotto type concepts to “being-one-with-nature” environments.

In itself I have no issue with the concept, on the contrary, I love a good massage and body treatment once in a while. But I feel it should be destination, something you plan to go to. Do we really need a spa on every corner of the street? SPAre me!  🙂

14. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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