Remote control lighting design

Sydney, 20th December 2009

Finally back in Australia! Time for my Xmas break and spend some time with my family and friends. It may be a more difficult to keep my mind focused on lighting over the next few days as I am trying to relax and actually get my mind off lighting! So bear with me  🙂

An apt subject today will be remote controlled lighting design. How to keep in touch with your team and clients in regards to lighting design while being at another place in time. As consultants only very little projects are actually in our back garden so to speak. We may have fellow consultants like architects and interior designers in town where our office is, but most of the time the projects and meetings are a few hours’ flights away. Just last Friday I spend the day in Hong Kong meeting the clients’ project team for a presentation to the “big boss”. So managing a project remote controlled is some sort of a challenge and requires some skills to make sure all information is shared and explained properly. Though, with the economy still in recovery, teleconferencing has become a great and efficient tool to communicate, nothing beats a one on one personal meeting. And being on site to actually see the site issues and being able to talk to the contractors also beats pictures taken on site with comments.

But the reality is that we cannot be everywhere at the same time and hence we need to learn the skills of what I call remote controlled lighting design.  It takes some getting used to but once you master the art of remote control it can be very helpful… I will need my skills over the next two weeks!

20. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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