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China, 11th December 2009

Sometimes in our projects we come across something new. Some may be old concepts applied in a new environment or in a new way, some are really new and innovative. As I come across them, I will try to report them. Note that they may be new to me but already well known to others…  🙂

We recently started on a new project that has such a new and possibly trendsetting feature. The project is an up market residential high rise building where the feature is that you can park your car at your level doorstep! In other words you drive your car into an elevator which then lifts your car (!) up to, say, level 24 where the car is then parked. The car elevator is mostly glass (yes, make sure you have the breaks on!) allowing the elevator and the car to become a dynamic feature moving up and down the building. You can imagine that at night with some nice lighting it will become a rather interesting sight. The car is then parked just in front of your living room which has large windows so you can actually see (and I guess for some enjoy) your car from inside. The car becomes part of the visual scenery. The idea here again, is to provide some nice lighting (probably a few lighting scenes) for mood and ambience.  Note that the parked car can also be viewed from the street! My car is not really worth displaying but I can imagine that for some this is an attractive proposition. The project is still in a confidential stage so I can’t mention the location, but I will report back at some time to let you know how that all worked out!

I would be keen to hear of any new trends or features encountered by others…please do share!

11. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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