LED Xmas presents

Singapore-Sydney, 19th December 2009

With Xmas just ahead you may start thinking about presents to give to your family and friends? With LED being so small and compact only imagination seems to be the limitation to the application of LEDs that can be found in many gadgets. I have taken the liberty to list a few for your consideration  🙂

– What about a motorized pepper shaker with a build in LED light? The faster you “shake” the brighter the light! Nice gadget to entertain your guests. Any pepper, anyone?

– Then there are the colourful LED pressure coasters that light up when you put a glass of wine or beer on it.

– LED candles will help create a Xmas ambience without the danger of real fire.

– For the readers amongst us there is the LED book reading light that allows you to read at night without disturbing anyone. Should you wish to write some notes then there is also the pen with a build in LED light.

– What about fitting out your bathroom water tap with a blue coloured LED light for effect. Or having a showerhead with an LED light so you can take a coloured shower.

– Want to be a stand out at the disco? There are now clothes with LED patterns stitched in that can dynamically light up in chasing colours.

– The traditional miners head set had a make over with LED’s allowing you to bike or walk at night with your own head light.

– Kids are not left out with shoes that light up at every step.

– But the topper amongst LED lighting gadgets must be the baby pacifier with build in LED colour changing lights. You can’t start young enough if you want your little one to become a lighting designer!

Happy Xmas shopping…

19. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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