LED it snow…?

Hong Kong, 18th December 2009

Last night I got an excited call from my daughter in Paris…it was snowing! She left Holland when she was 2 years old and never has really experienced snow as she lived most of her life in the tropics! So seeing the first snow of her life was obviously an experience.  Today I read a Dutch newspaper (I have to keep up with some “home” news once in a while) to read indeed about the cold snap and that the first canals had frozen up with skating on natural ice expected soon.

What caught my attention on the front page of the country’s leading morning paper was an advertisement by Holland’s biggest lighting manufacturer promoting LED’s under the title:…Let it snow, let it snow…, LED it glow!.....obviously inspired on the Xmas song.

Which brings me to the point….how far should we go to sell the green message? Xmas songs? I am not so sure about this. Ok, there are many LED based Xmas lights and the Xmas tree is generally green… but that is as far as I see the relationship…Did I miss something? How does this message educate the public about good usage of light? LED is not necessarily the solution to all greenhouse gas emission woes. I would like to urge the manufacturers to advertise wisely and with the aim to educate the public in the process. That would help applying LED there where we really need them !

18. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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