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China, 13th December 2009

Don’t you like being in control of your life and destiny? Of course you do. Then like me you must hate being sick! These are those moments that you feel helpless and just have to sit it out. I am down with the flu in cold and rainy Shanghai. Seems like half our team is having some symptoms of cold or flu. With H1N1 still around better be careful!

Anyhow what better reason than to talk about lighting controls! I do have clients who feel that sophisticated lighting controls are not necessary and that on- off switches should work as well. Their reasoning is that if you are a good lighting designer you should be able to design right on the required lighting levels. Fair enough… but to a certain extend. When it comes to mood and ambiance settings then these are obviously a more subjective matter. And what about the various daylight conditions? There are obviously many reasons why lighting controls are becoming a crucial tool in lighting design, not in the least in regards to energy saving! To make us more aware of our lighting usage habits, leading lighting control manufacturers are now providing controls with feedback information. Amount of energy used, amount of energy saved and other usage statistics. All to help us being more considerate in our lighting habits.

You would think that this is all common sense now. So why did it have to take a world debate on climate change to now actually do something about it?

13. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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