Hugging the tree

Shanghai 3rd December 2009

Sometimes my subject maybe a bit “off the road”. But don’t worry I will always find a link to lighting…..I arrived back in Shanghai last night for my final days of the year with my China team. There is a lot of work to clear before the Xmas holidays. As always I went out this morning for my Daily Dose of Daylight (see one of my earlier blogs) in the park just next to our office. In the morning you will find people jogging, doing Ti-Chi and practicing martial arts, some practicing their vocal cords uttering interesting sounds and even people hugging trees!

The park is well maintained and this morning they were sweeping away leaves fallen from the trees to clear the foot paths. People in the northern hemisphere now will experience similar scenes as winter is eminent. Now I am all for the natural way and I actually don’t really mind walking through the fallen leaves, as it gives you a sense of connection with nature. But hey, it’s the city and with the World Expo around the corner all is done to build up a clean and well groomed image of Shanghai. What prompted my entry today is that I saw the park’s maintenance staff shaking the trees.  Yes, shaking the trees until all “loose” leaves had fallen off! At first it kind of bothered me…why not let nature take its course? But then I realized these guys were just being practical. Maximize the result of their work, minimize their efforts. Why come back tomorrow and do the same thing again!

Where is the link to lighting you may ask? Well some people like to hug the tree, embrace the tree. Some people just shake the tree. If I draw the parallel to our lighting industry… some of us are passionate and embrace their work but some are ruthless,practical and just in it for the money…

03. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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