Good old floodlighting

Singapore, 16th December 2009

In my early days as a lighting designer, there was no such thing as LED, color changing, and dynamic media systems. When we were designing the lighting for a building façade it was generally just straight forward floodlighting. Have we lost the touch of applying these techniques? Is today’s new generation of lighting designers actually considering flood lighting as a viable way of lighting up a building?

In this morning’s meeting with the architect we were discussing the options of lighting up the façade of a tall building and it seemed all I could hear was the word “LED”. Ok, fair enough, the building architecture is modern with some sophisticated material applications, but that does not mean that LED is the magic solution to everything! On top of that the budget is limited and intricate LED based lighting effects would surely blow the budget. So in this case we indeed decided to opt for a simple flood light solution. Though LED will never be far away as we are slowly moving into territory in which LED floodlights will be the new in-thing. Right now however I am still on metal halide for this near 100m tall façade.    

While modern building architecture is often designed nowadays with curtain wall integrated LED lighting effects, there are still heaps of buildings designed along traditional and classical architectural lines. Good old traditional floodlighting using conventional white light (!) can still be one of the best solutions….classical look, energy efficient and budget friendly!

16. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Martin…
    good introspection.. I am sure in near future , you may be able to realise more effectively the classical look with LED luminiares offering much more choices in beam spread /intensities , etc..

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