Extreme lighting design

China, 5th December 2009

As I walked the city streets in Shanghai this morning I was welcomed by an icy cold and chilly wind. At least it felt that way coming from of my nice and warm bed just earlier! It got me thinking of lighting design under extreme conditions. Like lighting design on the North Pole for instance (…the obvious link  … 🙂 or lighting design for space ships (we got a little insight of that by one of the key note speakers during PLDC in Berlin), etc.

My personal involvement with “extreme” lighting design (if we can call it that) would have been lighting design involving explosion proof lighting fixtures for industrial sites and oil rigs and lighting for inside submarines. But that was a long time ago in my early days when I was still working at the Philips project lighting design center. All fluorescent based. There was no such thing as LED lighting then!

There must be some really challenging applications out there that require extreme lighting design. I would like to invite and encourage anyone with some extreme lighting design experience to share that with us!

05. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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