Climate change, the lighting challenge

China, 8th December 2009

With the conference on global climate change getting on the way in Copenhagen, Denmark, the news is obviously abuzz with the subject. I believe near 35,000 delegates from close to 190 countries (really?!) will seek a resolution on climate change with most countries pledging to reduce their carbon emissions by at least 20% by 2020. Many rules and regulations are being put in place by government and regulating authorities to reduce the carbon footprints created by the way we work and live.

In our lighting world the phasing out of the incandescent lamp is one of them. Within our own industry we have further identified the increased use of day lighting, applying energy saving lamps where possible, minimizing light pollution and controlling the usage of light as key components.

But as a famous president once said; don’t ask what the country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country! We should not only ask or be told what to do, we should take initiative by asking ourselves what we, as lighting designers, can further contribute to help combat climate change. I think we have that responsibility. For instance could we apply a 10% design cut? Instead of 10 lighting points, use 9, space them a bit further apart or more strategically where they are really needed. It may reduce the lighting levels with 10% overall, but we all know we cannot visually see the difference between 100 or 90 lux. It may not always be possible but in non critical areas we may well be able to apply this suggestion. I am sure there are many other things we can do.

I would like to use this blog to encourage people to come up with ideas and share those with all of us.

08. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Dear Martin,

    Apt topic at this apposite time!

    It’s a “Now or Never” situation existing regarding this global climate change. All developing countries once again meet to discuss the most “alarming” topic and are willing to take rational decisions unanimously!

    But if we develop few habits among ourselves as an “individuals”, we can unite together on this issue and also we can take & set our own goals regarding this!

    I cannot forgive few people for their silly act who performs at their work place! Most of the time when you watch buildings at night here in Sweden, you can see people forget to switch off their work space light and at-least this habit exists all over the world i bet! Of-course if you have surplus production of Energy in your country, the consumer should also try to learn how to use it optimally and to conserve it. I still hear there are so many remote rural areas in Asian countries without electricity for their “Basic” need! Try to give a thought about this when you consume energy, the term “conservation” will automatically will start ring your head! Please conserve this valuable resource given my “Mother” Earth and regroup once again reduce “Global Warming”!

    No wonder why Snow haven’t started falling in Stockholm even after the Winter started till now! The cause may be “Global Warming”! Experts need to note this!

    Sathish Kumar

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