Australia, 28th December 2009

Those who have seen the movie probably know already what I am going to say! After 2 days of trying we finally managed to get some tickets to see the movie in 3D. I am not a sci-fi fan (my last experience was Lord of the Rings…) and did not know what to expect but it certainly surpassed all my expectations and more. I was particularly blown away by the imagination of how this planet Pandora was brought to life. From a lighting point of view obviously the way they gave life to the night scenes with glowing trees, luminescent creatures and the power of the assumed earth energy that lights up as you move around in the forests or when the Na’vi (Pandora’s natives) tap into their earths energy . Magical. I was particularly struck by the finesse of the colour palettes, the greens, the purples, the blues, the pastel tones, the transparency, the lightness…the 3D effect only making the experience so much stronger.  Light here not only used to create the night but also to simulate the power of their planet’s energy. You are totally sucked into this world and I must say that the lighting effects are undoubtedly a key element in the success of this movie. Where Lord of the Rings was more dark and gloomy, this movie thrives on the magic of light, colour and beauty (well, at night of course).

After my lighting experience at the exhibition yesterday, this was another  experience that is sure to stimulate the senses. An experience not to be missed. See also www.avatarmovie.com for some more background info.

28. December 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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