Singapore, 30th November 2009

Don’t you get unreasonable requests at time? In projects we always need to work along time schedules and the typical question to ask before starting the works is: “when do you need it? And the even more typical answer (certainly in this part of the world) is:  “Yesterday!”  At that moment , unlike the Beatles song, all your troubles are NOT far away…in fact they are just starting.

What triggered today’s entry is a call from one of my clients wo asked me when I could issue the construction drawings. Whether I could please issue by this Wednesday. That is not exactly yesterday but quite close!  Now to put things in perspective you should know we received the updated DD (Design Development) drawings from the interior designer last Friday! Today is Monday and we just started to go through the drawings to assess the impact of the changes and related works ahead…To fast track the process we had scheduled a meeting with the interior designer in the afternoon. I told the client that he must be kidding, but he was serious. I then diplomatically tried to explain the works and subsequent time involved to complete our side of the works. He sputtered, but started to show some form of understanding. I told him I would get back to him with some more definite time schedules. After consultation with the interior designer and my design team we have just issued a schedule to the client showing a first part issue next week and further progressive issues until early January. Haven’t heard back yet but assume he may have fallen of his chair….

30. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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