Paris, Ville Lumiere

Paris, 20th November 2009

Yes I am in Paris! La ville lumiere! I arrived this morning. For those who dont know… my mother is french (my father dutch) and as such half my family is french. I have visisted Paris since my childhood and know the city well. Many of my friends and family are here. It has been a while since I last visited Paris mainly because I spend most of my time in Asia now. This will be a trip of rediscovery.

With Xmas around the corner the lighting decorations are already abundant. The Eifel Tower with its new celebration lighting is on my list to visit. It is interesting to see and compare the lighting between, say Shanghai and Paris. Not sure what it is but it definitely feels different… or is it just the surroundings and heritage buildings that ooze a different ambience in combination with lighting. I think each (world) city has its own vibrancy, whether New York, Shanghai or Paris. Its buildings, its people, its climate. Lighting is just a component of the overall ambience and experience. Parisians take pride in their city and showcasing their landmark buildings (and there are so many!) specially at night! The Gallery Lafayettes on Boulevard Hausmann, is one of the worlds famous department stores like Saks 5th Avenue in New York, or David Jones in Sydney. They have their display windows and facades all done up and throngs of people just stand mesmerised in front of them looking at the magical displays. Lighting is the key ingredient for the magic!   

Note: Perth in Western Australia, has also been called a City of Light. The reason however is different! When John Glenn, american austronaut flew over the Australian continent in his Mercury spaceship, he could clearly discern Perth in the night and hence in his transmission called Perth the City of Light.

20. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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