Lighting as a way of life

Paris 23rd November 2009

I am about to exchange “la France” for India, leaving shortly(hence my early posting today…). It is a good moment to reflect on the different cultures and how we specifically experience lighting in another country. There are many aspets to culture and there are many aspects to lighting. But the thought that I would like to share today is that of light being an ingredient of culture and way of life. We experience lighting differently from one country to another because it is influenced by its life style and culture.

Like wine being an integral part to the french culture, curry is an integral part of the indian culture. Though both are a part of our food chain, they have a different place and importance. As a result they are applied and experienced differently. 

Could we view lighting in a similar way? In this case lighting as a key ingredient of “life”? Perhaps we could say that the way we apply and experience lighting is an acquired taste in a country’s culture? Like french wine…we can drink it in India, but somehow it tastes differently…we can eat indian curry in France, but the taste somehow is not the same…

23. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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