Light…medicine of the future?

Sydney, 5th November 2009

Today I spend most of my time in an hospital supporting my sweet love as she underwent a surgical operation. Though her operation was not life threatening, an operation of any kind under full anestthetic costs quite a lot of energy both physically as well as mentally, not in the least because recovery means that practically all our body functions (including our body clock) need to be restored. With PLDC still fresh in my mind I remembered one of the speakers saying that recovery under “blue” light would greatly enhance the speed of recovery. Unfortunately the present medical system is still very conventional and alternative healing methods are still far from being accepted in public main stream.

which brings me to reflect on one of the first books I ever read on the subject called: Light, Medicine of the Future, by Jacob Lieberman. In his book Lieberman describes how light impacts on our lives and our body clock and has some real life case studies where he applied light (colours)to heal patients with specific ailments. Though written more then a decade ago, I believe it still remains one of the few authorative publications on the subject. There is no doubt in my mind that we are still in the infant stages of discovering how much impact light has on our health and well being.

05. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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