La Tour Eiffel – celebrations

Paris 22nd November 2009

My visit to Paris would not be complete without seeing the recently installed celebration lighting on the famous Eiffel Tower. Till the end of the year a light show has been installed on one face of the Tower to celebrate its 120 years. The best vantage point to view this is from Trocadero. It attracts many visitors who come to enjoy the nearly 15 minute light show. It starts of with some stroboscopic effects, simulating stars, then slowly builds up to a caleidoscopic sequence and chase of lighting colours in different configurations. Despite the cold many people came to night to enjoy the magic of light. Celebrating the 120 years of the “grand dame” of Paris with this light show certainly brings some extra excitement .

Many cities around the world use lighting as a tool to promote and attract tourism, making their citizens proud of their city in the process. I mentioned the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in one of my earlier blogs. Hong Kong has its light symphony every night at 8pm which involves an orchestrated light show involving all major buildings along the waterfront. The New York Empire State Building  has its various light scenes according to the various festive seasons, and so on. There is no doubt that lighting is a powerful and magical tool to promote cities, attract people and make its citizens proud!

22. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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