Paris 21st November 2009

With a nice autumn sun caressing the buildings, nearly blue skies and trees turning into a beautiful orange-gold colour, Paris is a very inspiring city. Today I visited the famed Place du Terte in Mont Martre with my daughter, a keen artiste herself. With the sunlight filtering through the trees, seeing the many artistes, painters at work felt very inspiring. We could see how they were using the daylight, shadows and colours to create their artworks.

As lighting designers inspiration is something that is at the core of our lighting concept. Is hard to desribe and is different for each of us. I definitely get inspiration from the daytime lighting palette described above. The colours, the lights, the shadows, the interplay between light and its surroundings. When we start a lighting project, before their is a concept their is inspiration. Things that embody and will reflect the character of what we wish to illuminate. I find that inspiration for my works is an a-ha moment, suddenly it clicks, makes total sense.  But it can be a long (and painful) process, when somehow the “lighting ingredients” dont make sense. We throw it away and start again. There is a saying that inspiration requires a lot of perspiration. In lighting design it is a lot like that…today I got inspired by the painters of Place du Tertre.

21. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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