Having the client’s respect and attention

Zhengzhou,11th November 2009

Would you believe that I am snowed in at the airport! Heavy snowfall over the last few hours has resulted in temporary closure of the airport with no flights going in or out. We managed to reach the airport safely, though at snail pace. Of course all the pandemonium at the airport regarding canceled flights. We have been re-booked on a later flight should the weather improve, but for all I know we may stay her the night. I have installed myself in a comfortable lounge/ restaurant and sip from my coffee as I prepare today’s entry.

Today I wanted to reflect on respect and time, two aspects closely related to meeting your client. I don’t know about my colleagues in the business, but having the clients respect and attention is something that is hugely important for the success of your project. In my projects I experience the two ends of the scale, specifically in China, which is very structured in hierarchy. Time is one of our major commodities in our lighting design business s and thus making sure you meet the right people and have the most efficient possible meetings is quite often a big challenge. You often discover that the person you talk to will have to report to his boss, who then has to report to his boss, etc. This can make the process quite tedious. Likewise you may end up in a meeting where you discover that lighting is not really the main subject or even related subject and you end up spending your time in attendance of a meeting that does not really require your presence. My point is that good clients are generally respectful, appreciate your presence and are considerate with your time! You will find that often these clients are also good paymasters!

11. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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