Daylighting in Airports

Singapore, 8th November 2009

As I am in transit at Singapore’s new terminal 3 on my way to Shanghai, I cant but appreciate the efforts that have gone into making this new terminal at Changi Airpport one of the most sustainable airports in the world. And trust me… I see many airports! Most oairports are gloomy, ill designed and a challenge to navigate and find your way. Singapore’s Changi Airport has not won best airport awards many times for nothing. The ambiance everywhere is pleasant and comfortable and above all lighting levels and signage (crucial in aiprorts to find your way!) of excellent quality.

The main multi story departure and arrival hall has a daylight system in its ceiling, skylights designed as giant reflector luminaires. Just below the ceiling are perforated panels that deflect light into space creating a nice feature ceiling in the process. A large verical garden alon the luggage belts adds to the feeling of the airport being “green”. Throughout the airport there are large window bays providing views to the tarmac,as well as glass partionings, allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the building, whether from the departure lounges into the adjacent circulation areas. I do not have any energy figures but from what I have read and heard the airport is a great example of sustainable design with lots of daylight, but also good shading and protection of direct sun through perforated shades.

08. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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