Circadian Passport

Singapore, Monday 2nd November 2009
As I travelled back from Germany to Singapore I was pondering on all the informative and exciting presentations that I attended at the PLDC in Berlin. One of the prime topics was obviously the increased relevance of lighting in relation to our circadian rhythms. One of the presenters mentioned that nowadays we spend about 60% of our lives under artificial lighting! If that is not a reason to make sure that our lighting designs consider the needs of our biological clock! It has become clear that the circadian system has a peak sensitivity in the blue end ( around 480nm) of the spectrum, while our visual system responds best around the 555nm area of the spectrum. Our circdian rhythms seem to vary over time and age and it probably varies from person to person as well.

As I went through the emigration I could not help but think that maybe in the future we all carry our own “circadian passport” which contains our personal biological “blue print” (how appropriate the term “blue print” now seems!) As the immigration officer glances through your passport he says: Please take the blue (light) channel on the way out!:)
Far fetched?

PS note, as I travel through different time zones, it looks like my laptop is at times confused and shows a different date, but this is my Monday 2nd November entry

02. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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