Challenging lighting projects

Singapore, 29th November 2009

Before I left Mumbai, the same person who asked me about the perfect project, yesterday asked me about the most difficult lighting projects I had done. This was triggered by a discussion we had about golf course lighting. Since we were on the subject I assumed he felt that golf course lighting was probably one of the more difficult lighting applications, but he was more thinking about airfield lighting. I had to disappoint him, as lighting for airports, though tough, is really quite standard “book” work. There is not much room for variation.

I started about golf course lighting with its complex challenge of balancing glare with lighting the golf ball’s flight path, etc, but after some further reflection I had to say… residential lighting. Because in residential lighting the objectivity of the lighting design generally vanishes as your design becomes subjected to the personal tastes and likes of the residents. In hotel and commercial applications your lighting design still follows some general norms, standards and requirements, but when it comes to residences your lighting design becomes more generic as aspects like colour, form and shapes become totally subjected to ( and dictated by) what the husband or wife likes. Which is not necessarily the same! The work can even involve going shopping with the wife to select the loose light fixtures such as chandeliers, table or floor lamps! Now that is challenging!

29. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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