Brandenburg Gate, MTV outdoor concert

Sydney, 7th November 2009

What a shame we (PLDC) missed out on the likes of U2, Beyonce performing life at the Brandenburg Gate while in Berlin! I just caught a report of the event on TV. The Brandenburg Square was transformed into one big stage with the historic buildings illuminated as a back drop. The MTV event was part of the celebrations of the Berlin wall that came down exactly 20 years ago, signalling the end of the so called cold war.

In an earlier blog I mentioned about Berlin city’s urban lighting which I thought was well done in general. Lighting up the “Gate” in dynamically changing colours complete with text and effect projections was a totally different and exciting sight! I notice a growing trend in using heritage and landmark sites as back drop for major events and performances, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing and many others…

Modern lighting and projection technologies allow for some amazing visual transformations of these well known sites. More and more we see cities resorting to these events and I can only assume they do so to promote their city. It is obvious that lighting and its infra structure become a key component in doing so!

Note: as I let myself guide by events or things that I experience or happen on the day, repeat subjects or topics will happen. I guess this then will become a gauge of the actuallity and impact of these topics on our daily lifes!

07. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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