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Sydney 6th November 2009

In today’s newspaper (*) I read an article headed: “Let there be environmentally friendly light, say our lord mayors”. The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (never knew such Council existed!) committed to a multi point plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions with several megatonnes a year till 2020. The scheme includes retro fitting residential and commercial buildings, reducing commercial floor space for each employee by 20% within a decade, but most of all converting all urban street lighting to high efficiency LED lighting by 2020. The implementation will require close cooperation between government and local industry partners. The City of Sydney has already started with the implementation of LED street lighting in the city.

This initiative is to be louded and supported but with caution. There are still many dodgy (to use an typical Aussie slang word) LED lighting systems being offered by manufacturers jumping on the LED bandwagon at any costs. I can only hope that the “Lord Mayors” will have the foresight to engage proper lighting professionals to assure the LED replacements comply with all applicable and relevant lighting standards as too many LED lighting systems still lack in performance.

(*) Source: Sydney Morning Herald

06. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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